#ToW – How To Enjoy Bali For 24hour

First thing first – book a room in Alila Seminyak! (Pssst.. if you travel with another 5 person and money is not an issue, book their penthouse. Yes, please do!). Why? Alila Seminyak have everyhting from gymnasium, beach bar, restaurant, event room, massage/spa and swimming pools… 4 swimming pools to be exact! (I really like to swim and I’m sold with their pools!).


After check-in, go straight to your room and change your clothes with the swim suit. Since you will check-in after had your lunch (don’t know where to have lunch? go to Warung Eropa and try their fried duck. Nyem!), do not wait for trying their beach bar pool, also, the best time to enjoy this pool is in the afternoon. Order some drink and snack from the bar, laying down in the bean bag for a while and swim – repeat for 3x times. By the time you finish your 3rd round, go to the Beach Terrace Restaurant and watch the sunset with different ambiance. Well, you can see the sunset from the beach bar, but hey, let’s enjoy every parts of this hotel.



Alila have several room types. The deluxe room (42sqm) is in separate building and have their own swimming pool. The deluxe suite (72sqm) is located in the same building with the main lobby.


Alila produce their own amenities, start from shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap and they also have their own sea salt. Oh, they also provide sunscreen, aftersun gel, face mist and mosquito repellent in every room! Wohoooow. All of the amenities have a lemongrass touch. Oh, i love you, Alila Seminyak!

Breakfast in Alila Seminyak is awesome. Superawesome. What i like the most is their fresh juice and bread jam. I like the jam a lot and i decided to buy all the flavours they have (banana, mango and guava jelly and ginger pineapple) – my tummy will be happy for the next 2 weeks! They also serve a big breakfast with so many varieties: pho, soup, egg corners, fried rice, and else – since we’re traveling in group and all of us order a different menu so we always share and tried everything. All of the menu is good. Hail to Alila Seminyak’s breakfast. Want to try their breakfast but no plan to stay here? Spend 475.000 and enjoy your breakfast here. The restaurant open for breakfast from 0700-1100.

What to do after (big) breakfast? Going up and swim in the Serene Pool. It’s the best pool in Alila Seminyak from my experience (yes, I’m having pool hopping in Alila with Darlene). It is an infinity pool with sea view. Ah… Life is good!

By the time you end your swimming session then it’s time to check-out as well. Thank you, Alila Seminyak for the well-spent-24-hour-in-bali. (Damn! I haven’t tried to get a massage!)

(my stay in Alila Seminyak is part of #tripofwonders from Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia. But all opinions are my own)

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