#ToW – New Experience in Bandung

Bandung – a 3-hour ride from Jakarta – is a well-known place for shopping. There are so many factory outlets and independent store available, and Rumah Mode in Setiabudi street never fails me (tips: bring enough money and be there as fast as you can if you come on weekend). But, is shopping is the only thing you can do in bandung?

Usually i come to bandung to eat and stay at my friend’s. During my visit to Bandung for #tripofwonders trip I try a new experience: stays in one of the best hotel in Bandung, visiting new places and tried 3 new restaurants.


NuArt Sculpture Park is one of the place & restaurant we visited this time. NuArt Sculpture Park is a huge complex with a lot of nice sculpture made by Nyoman Nuarta. We also had our lunch here, and because of the Balinese blood Pak Nyoman serves us fried duck with sambal matah and chicken betutu. The best part of NuArt sculpture park is the backyard where the workshop located. Oh man, it was awesome! we can see the on-going process for the sculpture, especially the GWK project. it is a hard work. really hard.
Did I mention that NuArt have their own waterfall? It’s a small waterfall actually, but it’s private! I’m sooooo jealous!


The second restaurant we tried was Dusun Bambu. I’ve been eyeing this place since they opened 2 year ago. Dusun Bambu is a huge complex and good for family, there are several parts: restaurant, market, train, bamboo playground, park, padi field, and also a room for stay. We had lunch at Burangrang Restaurant with a great view and the food itself was okay, it suit for foreigners and locals.
The best part of this place: walk in the middle of rice fields then passing a bamboo trees. noyce!

The last new restaurant (for me) is Roemah Nenek, they serve dutch and locals food. What we had for dinner are: satay (oh-so-good), garang asem suop, gado-gado, and bitterballen as an appetizer. Roemah Nenek means grandma’s house and it was the owner’s grandma’s house.

If you have plan to go to Bandung with family, you can also go to Saung Angkung Mang Udjo. They have regular afternoon show everyday (1530-1700) don’t be late because after a short performance, the audience can have the experience for playing angklung. It was fun! The best part for me is when the students show the traditional dance from several province in Indonesia. we travel from the western part to eastern part of Indonesia in 5 minutes. Awesome!

Where to stay?
Who can say no to this view?

Yes! Sheraton Bandung is a best place to stay. Located in center of Bandung (Dago area), it is a business hotel but feels like a resort. I just love their bed. Oh my goodness… I find it very hard to wake up and leave the bed. One good point of Sheraton Bandung is their hair dryer. I can dry my hair in 5 minutes. Hahaha.


Sheraton Bandung also serve a nice food for dinner and breakfast. I’m pretty sure I’m gaining 2kg while stay here. salad, yoghurt, pastries, fresh juice, beef bacon (and else) for breakfast and for dinner? noddles, bbq, buffet, indoensian food, dessert. you name it. I do really enjoy my stay here.

Jl. Ir. H.Djuanda No.390, Dago, Kota Bandung | (022) 2500303 | sheratonbandung.com

Bandung, thank you for the (new) experience!

(I was invited by Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia for #tripofwonders program. But all opinions are my own).

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