#ToW – 36 hours in Jogjakarta

On our #tripofwonders we just spent 36 hours in Jogjakarta using below itinerary:

Day 1
Late arrival at airpot and heading to Ayam Goreng Suharti for early dinner. Since we don’t have much time to enjoy all of Jogja’s food, then having gudeg (Jogja’s traditional food), fried chicken with their signature topping also kangkung are enough to make my tummy happy. Then we were heading to Royal Ambarrukmo for check-in. After finish the check-in process you can try  their traditional massage or go to malioboro for enjoying the night life, or, just stay at the hotel and feel their night ambience.
*PS: if you plan to have their spa/massage, make sure you try their tub! It’s made from real rock taken from Mt. Merapi

Day 2

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Wake up very early (0230AM) and prepare for sunrise hunting. Do not start late from the hotel, at 3AM you have to start heading to Borobudur (otherwise you will miss the sunrise). The sunrise Borobudur package is available at Manohara Hotel, they are the only one who have access to Borobudur before 9AM. After a light snacks at Manohara Hotel, go straight to Stupa Restaurant by PLataran and have your breakfast-with-view there.

Doing cycling tour around Borobudur area was one of our activity during #tripofwonders. Surprisingly, the bicycle is in a very nice condition and the route they had also great (the view and the road itself). We were cycling through rice field and village from Stupa Restaurant-Karangrejo village-Borobudur area-Wanurejo village, and I was came late to the finish point because I made few stops for taking pictures. The finish stop is at Warung Kopi Borobudur where we can try to make a pottery or batik. We had our lunch in Pendopo Onthel Tingal, Desa Wanurejo with superb food and dance performance. They served local food: red rice, cilantro rice, mangut lele, fried tempe, oseng jipang, oseng daun pepaya (papaya leaf), oseng talas (damn! I’m drooling right now). I was full and tired. Back to Royal Ambarrukmo was a great decision. After had a short nap and shower, we did a hotel tour. My review about the hotel is below.

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Around 4.30PM we drove to Ratu Boko temple for sunset hunting (and some snacks). We had our dinner at Omah dhuwur (I’m not hungry but I didn’t want to skip dinner too) and I had nasi kucing, satay, and wedang ronde (my fave!). The food was delicious. It was 8pm and the organizer offer us to go shopping at Malioboro, of course I won’t say no. But, instead of shopping, Mariza and I went to angkringan near train station to try coffee with charcoal. We’re all back to Royal Ambarrukmo with full tummy and hand.
*Pssst… I’m not sure if we can have lunch at Pendopo Onthel Tingal if we aren’t having a bicycle tour, but if it possible, do it! best lunch evey!

Day 3
Enjoying my breakfast at Royal Ambarrukmo and go to airport.. ciao Jogja! 👋

Royal Ambarrukmo:

It’s a heritage hotel because the backyard of the hotel is attached with part of Keraton Ambarrukmo, actually the main keraton of Jogjakarta’s Sultan is at Keraton Jogja and Sultan use Keraton Ambarrukmo as their gateaway house because of the huge garden.

The service was excellent! Start from the greetings and they do a hand writing for the welcome card and they serve local food as the welcome snacks. Another thing I like from Royal Ambarrukmo is the dental kit (haha!). They provide a real tooth paste and tooth brush!

I also should give a big applause for their breakfast. They have so many items and made my confused that morning: dimsum, sushi, salads, fresh juice, pastries, many indonesian food (soto, pecel, gudeg) and the best part is the serve jamu! Royal Ambarrukmo didn’t give us a break!

(I was invited by Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia for #tripofwonders program, but all opinions are mine)

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