#ToW – To Komodo Archipelago We Go!


After several times going to Komodo archipelago and most of the times I always do the Live on Board (LOB) trip, I keep telling myself to try doing a day-trip using a speed boat. Thanks to #tripofwonders so i can experience it. Here’s my thought about island hopping in Komodo archipelago using speed boat.

Plus points:
– It’s fast. Really fast. If we’re using wooden boat, it takes 3-4hrs to go to komodo national park (from Labuan Bajo), and using speed boat only need 1.5hrs!
– Itinerary will be more flexible: you can do all the trekking only in one day and snorkel session for the next day
– More time in every spot. We can go to 4 spots in one day aaaaaand we don’t need to go very early also we can come back to hotel before sunrise! (did I mentioned that we can also do a day-trip using wooden boat?)
– More chances to try many nice restaurants in Labuan Bajo. In #tripofwonders we’ve managed to have meals at 4 places: Paradise Bar for sunset time, Bajo Taco for Mexican food, Mediterraneo for the western-style seafood and La Cucina for italian food. ehm.. I also try to have a sushi in a small japanese restaurant near Bajo Taco
– Swimming pool time! yes, we can swim in a huge pool (read: sea), but dipping in the pool and watching sunset after get salty or counting the star at night I’m sure it’s not a bad idea
– Proper bath. We taking bath in a nice bathroom. nuff said.
– Nice sleep. Big bed with thick blanket and comfy cushion, well-maintain air con, no need to worry of the wind/wave


Minus points:
– No toilet on the boat
– Hardly to talk with everyone in the boat
– I find it quite difficult to have a sunbathing session on the boat
– They don’t provide food, we have to prepare our own
– No sunset and sunrise, except you want to come back late and leave earlier

I actually don’t know which is better. Doing a Live on Board or a day-trip using speed boat. Haha. If any of you have tried both, lemme know your thoughts!

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