#ToW – Experiencing Lombok


Lombok, an island in West Nusa Tenggara province change quite a lot since my last visit in 2012. This time, together with another 38 bloggers from Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore and Malaysia I revisiting some places, such as:

1. Kuta area
It’s a well-known place for surfer, and last time i went here maybe 10 years ago and it was sooooooo quite. Kuta nowadays have many restaurants and cozy cafe, one of them is El Bazar, a Mediterranean resto and Moroccan food to be exact. OMG! I love Moroccan food and I couldn’t expect to find one in Lombok! Their backyard is my favourite part of this restaurant. How about the food? the food was excellent. I was so happy for my lunch that day: chicken tagine are well cooked, their kebab was soooo tasty and the salad was great! lovvvvveeeeeeeeee

2. Sade village
I couldn’t remember if I have been visited this place during my first time in Lombok or not. Anyway, it is a real village with a real people stay there and they are ready for tourism. They can prepare a welcome greetings, traditional dance and anything you need. The worst part of this village is their weaves. Ladies (and gentlemen), be careful with your money! The weaves are pretty with the colour and design. Thank god I can manage my self so I just bought some bracelet for myself.

3. Gili Trawangan

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Actually there are so much more of Gili (gili means island in local language) in Lombok, but this one is the most popular one. If you’re staying in Mataram, it is possible to do a day-trip to Gili Trawangan. Go to Nara port (for speed boat) in the morning, cross the sea for 20 minutes then voila! enjoy the scenery until you get bored. I suggest you to come back around 3.30pm to avoid big waves.
Pssst… do not sleep during trip from Mataram to nara port. Do not sleep! I repeat… Do not sleep! The scenery is too beautiful!

Lombok also offer a good food. They have Ayam Taliwang and Plecing Kangkung – a must try food while in Lombok-.

During #tripofwonders I’ve managed my time to visit Sasakku to buy some souvenirs. they sell t-shirt in good quality and they also have so many items with very reasonable price. Best thing to do after shopping? yes, have a good meal. Do try Sate Rembiga, ask the local to bring you to the famous one. You won’t regret it. Now i want that sate! aargh!

(I was invited by Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia for #tripofwonders 2016 program, but all opinions are mine)

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